Tsubame Cafe


Welcome to the Tsubame Café. 


We are an organic cafe located in the historic Kamakura City, serving traditional Japanese cuisine, in a 100years + heritage house.


Enjoy the relaxed slow atmosphere in our cafe. 


Just five minutes walking distance from the historic and majestic Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine in Kamakura. 


Take your shoes off and relax at the tables on the tatami mat.  


Our organic coffee or traditionally prepared Macha green tee will enhance your relaxation. 


【store information】
Location / Telephone number
3-2-27 Komachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa 〒248-0006,Japan
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Closed: Every Tuesday (Open days for Public holidays) / 3rd and 5th Wednesday (Open days for Public holidays) / other temporary closure




Okara Croquettes Tray (okara is a high-protein and fiber, low-fat soybean by-product of tofu)  \1,252

Okara croquettes garnished with seasonal local vegetables, a bowl of sprouted brown rice, and miso soup, made with additive-free bean paste. The grated kelp can be sprinkled into the soup or on the rice, to suit your taste.


◆Whitebait Udon (hot noodles with chilled sauce)  \760

We use a popular wheat noodle made by a regional company that employs and supports people with developmental disorders. 


Curried Rice  \1,058

 A meatless curry made with five kinds of vegetables, plant-based roux, spices and sprouted brown rice. Includes a side of pickles, made in-house, and a locally grown vegetable salad.


 Japanese-style Pizza   \939

 A natural yeast-leavened crust, topped with additive-free miso, locally grown seasonal vegetables and locally harvested whitebait. Includes a locally grown vegetable salad.


Light Meal Set  \648

 Sprouted brown rice, soup made with additive-free miso, pickles made in-house, and a small, seasonal side dish.


Toast and Beverage Set  \540

Choose either cinammon or buttered toast, both made with natural yeast. Also choose from hot blended coffee, iced coffee, black tea or iced tea.


Cheese Cake  \378 / Cheese Cake & Drink  \648

 You can choose drink,coffee or tea or caffeine-less coffee.


Tofa  \496 / Mango Tofa  \561

A slightly sweet, gelatinous dessert popular in Taiwan. Made with organic soy milk and topped with tapioca. Mango Tofa is chilled and available only in summer.


1. Anmitsu (sweet syrup-covered bean paste with agar, a jelly-like substance made from algae)  \486


2. Anmitsu with vanilla ice cream  \540


3. Anmitsu with rice flour dumplings  \594


4. Anmitsu with rice flour dumplings and vanilla ice cream  \648




Non-alcoholic Beverages


\100 discount will be applied to all beverages that are ordered with an entree or dessert.



Blended Coffee  \432


Blended Coffee (large)  \540


Organic Brazilian Coffee  \518


Iced Coffee  \540


Cafe Au Lait  \540


Iced Cafe Au Lait  \594


Black Tea (2 servings, in a pot)  \540


Iced Tea  \486


Orange Juice  \486


Apple Juice  \486


(A) Organic Taiwanese Oolong Tea (3 to 4 servings, strong-flavored)  \604


(B) Organic Taiwanese Oolong Tea (3 to 4 servings, mild-flavored)  \604


Soymilk Café Au Lait  \604


Organic herb tea Chamomile  \594


Organic rooibos tea  \594


Caffeine less herb tea lemon grass  \594




Alcoholic Beverages



Kamakura Beer


A light-tasting, locally made brew with low bitterness. 330 ml, \691




Kirin Beer


A dry single-malt, brewed with organic malt and hops. Limited availability. 305ml, \626